Officer Diouf


Officer Babacar Diouf is a 6-year veteran of the IMPD. Officer Diouf is assigned to the Recruiting Unit and serves as the Coordinator for IMPD Internship and the Pre-Academy Readiness (PAR) Programs. Officer Diouf was a Field Training Officer and is currently a member of the Event Response and Bicycle Response Groups. He often participates in Community Events and assists in teaching Survival Tactics. Officer Diouf has a passion for serving others, which led him to a career in Law Enforcement in 2014. Officer Diouf believes that a career in Law Enforcement is a calling:

“If you have a heart of service, this is the career for you. We want you and I promise you will find serving the citizens of Indianapolis to be a rewarding career. If you choose to join us, you will embark on an exciting life of service that is not comparable to any other career out there. You will see and face things you could never imagine and go home each day with a feeling of accomplishment, knowing you have served your community.”

Written by joinpar